Very Wines

Line of vertical wines, fresh and intense. This innovative line has a playful and cheerful aesthetic. They are wines that do not have passage through wood and are created 100% in concrete eggs. They are born from the best essays that are made vintage after vintage in the winery. With an experimental imprint, they are wines that invite you to live intensely. Tasting: Very Blanc and Very Rouge.

$150 /person

Line inspired by the history of the winery. Bodega Los Toneles is a cultural heritage and this portfolio displays the elegance and beauty of its place of origin. They explore the varietal typicity and the richness of Mendoza's terroirs. Classic elegant winery, with splendor, history, Argentine architecture, declared Cultural Heritage of the province. Tasting: Tonel 46 Torrontà © s and Tonel 46 Malbec (Cepas insignias Argentinas).

$220 /person
Fuego Blanco

Vinous single-vineyard wines, from the Pedernal Valley, San Juan, in the foothills of the Andes mountain range at an altitude of 1,650 masl. An exuberant terroir with caliche expressive soil, large slopes and good drainage. Pioneers in the exploration of this viticultural micro-region. Each specimen, for its aromatic intensity, constitutes a paradigm of the benefits of the Valley. Tasting: White Fire (Chardonnay), White Fire (Syrah / Malbec) and White Fire (Cabernet Franc / Malbec).

$340 /person
Mosquita Muerta

Expressive Premium Blends created with sophisticated grapes from our select terroirs; Finca Mantrax de Campo Los andes and Finca Don Arturo de Chacayes, both in the best areas of Valle de Uco, Mendoza. A portfolio of bold wines that reflect off-the-shelf personalities. Tasting: Dead Mosque (Blend of White), Toad of Another Well (Blend of Inks) and Dead Mosquito (Blend of Inks).

$470 /person
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