El restaurant de la bodega los toneles

Menú Urbano 2 pasos
2 pasos
Incluye bebida

2-step menu specially designed for executives, offers the distinctive stamp of the letter: matured meat, in the patrimonial Bodega Urbana.

$300 /person
Menú Urbano 3 pasos
Almuerzo y cena
3 pasos
Incluye bebida

3-step menu, invites us to try indigenous flavors of our land and flagship dishes of the letter of Abrasado.

$600 /person
Menú Urbano 6 pasos
Almuerzo y cena
6 pasos
Incluye bebida

The classic Menu of 6 steps, designed for the tourist, makes a tour through the kitchen of product of Abrasado, maridada with the five portfolios of wines of the Bodega.

$900 /person
Carta de vinos
Almuerzo y cena

Exclusively own wines, more than 20 labels.

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